Parent Testimonials

“I tried other daycares more convenient to my work, but I couldn't sacrifice my son's happiness. At Methodist Children’s Village, I know my son gets the love and attention he needs to grow.”

Clair Begin

“I love the parent-teacher conferences.  When my son was two and a half, his teacher communicated that he was struggling with fine motor skills.  She provided a fun activity to do at home to strengthen his hands.  We had a blast with the activity and it helped a lot!  The teachers are just plain fabulous!”

Lee Townsend

“I visited the center and enrolled our son that same day. We affectionately refer to MCV as “Jacksonville’s best kept secret” although we know this wonderful little center should not be. We love Ms. Beverly and Ms. Ginger and the whole dedicated staff.”

Linda Bigbee

“I heard about the MCV child care during a class in my Master’s in Teaching at J.U. to which Ms. Lee was invited as an expert in child development. I had no children back then, but I kept it stored somewhere in my mind. Years later when we had our son I recalled the class and Dr. Lee and had our son attend the center since he was about 2 months old until he entered Kindergarten. We were so happy with the center and the fact that our son would jump to the arms of each teacher in time eager to be with them. To us that was the most important thing, knowing that he was loved and happy. Our son graduated and is in first grade now, but our daughter is in the 2 year old class and we are still thrilled with the quality of the center in terms of love/care and development.”

Nicolas Olivares